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Movie Club


Tue 12 / 15 / 2020
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM



Who can attend

Members and Volunteers

Limited Capacity: 21 spots available


Welcome to the on line Movie Club eve.   Members will watch a chosen movie on their own and then meet to discuss the movie.  Movies are available on Amazon Prime, Netflix and most likely other streaming options. All are welcome as this will be a Zoom meeting but you must register to access the Zoom link.
The movie for December is A Chirstmas Carol.  Feel free to watch any version, however in researching what is available I found the 1984 version to be a 4.5-5 star version where most others are 2-3 star.  I found it on Amazon Prime to rent for $3.99, but the older versions are available on You Tube. Some of the NAV Book Club members will join us for the A Christmas Carol movie discussion as thier book for December is Marley about the childhood relationship between Jacob Marley and Scrooge.  
Those that attend the Zoom meeting will decide on the next months movie.  Should be fun.  Please join us to try it out!  Don't forget that if you do need help with the the zoom connection we have a tech guru.  Just contact Kathy Boike at Kathy is happy to help!
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