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About Preferred and Recommended Vendors

Vendors are businesses, both organizations and individuals, either for-profit or non-profit whose names North Animas Village distributes to members who need services a volunteer is not able to provide.

·     VETTED Preferred Vendors List: Home/Grounds maintenance providers. This list will include several categories of Vendors who have undergone a committee “review process” including application, license and insurance checks, review of references, and personal interviews with the Committee. Visit the Preferred Providers page on the website and select a vendor from a list of categories. Click here to view and print the entire list.

·     NON-Vetted but Recommended Vendors: Includes professional vendors in unlimited categories that have been used and recommended by neighbors in the seven (7) neighborhoods included in North Animas Village. Click here to view and print the list.

·    Home Health Care/Medical Related Services List: For Members needing assistance with health care beyond the scope of the organization of Volunteers. This is a NON-vetted list. Click here to view and print the list.

Preferred Vendor Committee Responsibilities

The Preferred Vendor Committee responsibility is to provide the vetted list to Members, periodically follow-up on the member/vendor experience and evaluate and update all lists on a yearly basis. To this end, the Committee asks that Members add a review in the box provided on the Vendor category list.

The Committee will negotiate with all vendors for discounts when possible. This valuable aspect will be dependent on the individual Vendor and how many times North Animas Village members use a particular professional. Every Member will obtain an ID card to be presented to the Vendors so the possible discount may be applied. 

Preferred Vendor Policies

  1. Members will contact Vendors and set up appointments for maintenance/service. All agreements and payments for services are between Member and Vendor.
  2. If a discount applies, Member must show their North Animas Village ID card.
  3. The Village Preferred Vendor Committee will periodically conduct a follow-up on Member satisfaction.
  4. The Committee may remove a Preferred Vendor from any list if service is unsatisfactory.